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Welcome to the Seismic Internet Monitoring Application (SIMA and SIMA2) Homepage.

2005/07/05 This web site provides links to the latest version of the SIMA2 code, and on the bottom of the page some links to earlier versions for historic interest. The latest version of SIMA was written for Microsoft's .Net by Michal Andrysek, at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic. The web site for this code is located here.

The SIMA2 software project involves the cooperative effort by Joe Gerencher, builder and maintainer of the seismic system, with several students at Moravian College and abroad: Ron Jackson wrote code in 6502 assembly language for simultaneously monitoring four seismometers on one computer; Mike Sands wrote the visual basic SIMA code for the near-real-time Internet broadcasting and reception of the four seismic signals using the server/client configuration; Tyler Worman rewrote the visual basic code in JAVA and added some additional implementations; and Michal Andrysek, in the Czech Republic, refined and extended the project in .Net, allowing for the use of the Dataq interface, including also short-period seismometers, and permitting the online retrieval of previous earthquake records. This latest code is called SIMA2.

"News/Home" is this page.  It is where you find the basic explanation for the SIMA2 application web site. 

"Download" allows you to obtain the latest version of Michal Andrysek's free SIMA2 client software to display seismic traces.  If you have appropriate seismometers, it also contains the free software to collect and broadcast seismic traces and join the community of stations that are willing to share their signals over the Internet. 

"Station Registry" provides information about stations that are currently broadcasting via this software.  Eventually, it will be automated to allow new stations to voluntarily register at this site as well, but for the present time, new stations must be hand-entered.

"Additional Info" provides detailed information about recommended procedures and useful suggestions for installing and running the software, and specific information about the seismometers at Moravian College, which is home to this project. 


The old SIMA web site is still available here, but these pages are being maintained only for historic interest. These codes, by Mike Sands and Tyler Worman, are no longer being used at any seismic station because they have been superceded by the more recent SIMA2 code of Michal Andrysek.

Last Updated: July 5, 2005
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